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23rd December 2009: Beowulf and the Dragon now available

Beowulf and the Dragon Walking Tree Publishers are proud to announce that Beowulf and the Dragon is now available.

The book features the Old English text of the "Dragon Episode" from Beowulf, presented side by side with the John Porter's Modern English translation. The foreword is by Tom Shippey and the episode is richly illustrated by Anke Eissmann. The 84 page book is bound in hardback and will appeal to collectors, linguists and Tolkienists alike.

Beowulf and the Dragon For more information on Beowulf and the Dragon, including some sample pages, please visit this website's Beowulf and the Dragon page.

Our prices are 36 Pounds, 57 U.S. Dollars, 40 Euros or 60 Swiss Francs, exclusive of shipping and subject to change. These prices are for direct sales from the Walking Tree Publishers. Prices charged by retailers may differ.

Further information on this book project, its background and origin is presented on Anke Eissmann's website

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