ADC Books, Beowulf and the Dragon

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31st August 2010: ADC Books, Beowulf and the Dragon

We are pleased to announce that the Gloucestershire-based online bookseller and Tolkien specialist, ADC Books, now stocks our art edition of Beowulf and the Dragon.

ADC's stocking of the books will greatly improve its accessibility and distribution. Due to its conventional printing method and small production run (only 500 copies), the book is not readily available through many of our other sales channels.

Beowulf and the Dragon

ADC Books writes:

At long last, here we find the excellent illustrations of Anke Eissmann, alongside the poem they were based upon. The combination here of Old English poem, Anglo-Saxon font (see pic 3), modern translation by John Porter alongside, and pictorial representation by Anke Eissmann, creates a multi-media experience to bring the Beowulf poem's "lost third" back to prominence - and give both dragon and greybeard-hero once again their due. These last thousand lines of the poem, often skipped or summarised when studying from line I, contain much that is finest in the poem, besides the dragon: the vivid account of the death of the terrible old Swedish King Ongentheow, one of the most focussed battle-pieces in Old English; Beowulf's three death-speeches, which range between grief, regret and pride, and end with four lines of more-than-stoic resignation; and the theme of the Last Survivor, the man who leaves the treasure for the dragon to make his own.

The website of ADC books is (or direct link to Beowulf and the Dragon). Of course ADC Books also stocks some of our other publications and can also obtain those it doesn't stock.

ADC Books will also be attending this year's Oxonmoot (24-26 September) and be selling the book there.

More information on Beowulf and the Dragon from Walking Tree Publishers.

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