Call for papers - Tolkien's poetry

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23rd October 2010: Call for papers - Tolkien's poetry

Fortunately for the field of Tolkien studies, the quality and quantity of academic monographs and papers on Tolkien have noticeably intensified over the last decade. However, next to other aspects of Tolkien's work that deserve more attention, one aspect that is of central importance for our understanding of Tolkien as author and literary mythmaker has only marginally been the subject of scholarly interest: Tolkien's poetry.

Although the few published essays on the topic have provided us with important insights into some of Tolkien's verse, we lack a broad study of Tolkien's poetry that can give us a far-reaching understanding of this author, who wrote more than a hundred poems, many of them specifically as cultural artefacts to add depth to his narrative works...

For more information, download the call for papers (pdf ca. 450kB, text version here).

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