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5th April 2013: Upcoming publications

Cormare Series on WTP book stand

Walking Tree Publishers are currently working on the following new publications:

These books will be announced on this website as they are released.

See also our publications planned page.

A table of contents for the second of the above can be previewed below.

O, What a Tangled Web? Tolkien and Medieval Literature. A View from Poland

Table of Contents

Barbara Kowalik
Introduction: Tolkien in Poland.
A Medievalist Liaison

Joanna Kokot
"O, what a tangled web we weave".
The Lord of the Rings and the Interlacement Technique

Bartłomiej Błaszkiewicz
Orality and Literacy in Middle-earth

Justyna Brzezińska
Rohan and the Social Codes of Heroic Epic and Chivalric Romance

Maria Błaszkiewicz
TolkienĘs Queen Women in The Lord of the Rings

Barbara Kowalik
Elbereth the Star-Queen Seen in the Light of Medieval Marian Devotion

Katarzyna Blacharska
The Fallen: Milton's Satan and Tolkien's Melkor

Renata Leśniakiewicz-Drzymała
Berserkir, Bödvar Bjarki and the Dragon Fáfnir.
The Influence of Selected Medieval Icelandic Sagas on Tolkien's Works for Children

Łukasz Neubauer
'He has gone to God glory seeking': Tolkien's Critique of the Northern Courage and Rejection of the Traditional Heroic Ethos in "The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth Beorhthelm's Son"

Andrzej Wicher
What Exactly Does Tolkien Argue for in "Beowulf:
The Monsters and the Critics?" An Attempt at a Metacriticism

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