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26th April 2017: Deep Roots in a Time of Frost reviewed in Beyond Bree

A review of Deep Roots in a Time of Frost has been published in the April 2017 edition of Beyond Bree. To see the review, please click here.

An earlier review of the book was published in the August 2015 edition of the same journal.

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22th March 2017: Laughter in Middle-earth reviewed

A review of Laughter in Middle-earth: Humour in and around the Works of JRR Tolkien has appeared on the Laughter in Middle-earth Facebook Group.

The Laughter in Middle-earth Facebook Group is a public group where people can discuss the Walking Tree Publishers book "Laughter in Middle-earth". Contributors to the book are members who can respond to questions about their articles. English is the preferred language over any of the Elvish dialects.

The group is located here:

The review can be read on this website here.

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12th March 2017: Two book reviews published in Journal of Tolkien Research

Two book reviews have been published in Journal of Tolkien Research Volume 4 Issue 1

The reviews are of Representations of Nature in Middle-earth and Laughter in Middle-earth: Humour in and around the Works of JRR Tolkien

The articles can be read on the web page of the journal here.

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23rd February 2017: Call for Papers: Tolkien and Literary Wordbuilding

Celebratory volume on the occasion of the twentieth birthday of Walking Tree Publishers' Cormarë Series (1997-2017)

Read the call for papers here.

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24th November 2016: Laughter in Middle-earth published

Laughter in Middle-earth Walking Tree Publishers are proud to announce the publication of a new book Laughter in Middle-earth: Humour in and around the Works of JRR Tolkien. This collection of nine papers is edited by Thomas Honegger and Maureen F. Mann.

"It is precisely against the darkness of the world that comedy arises, and it is best when that is not hidden."

With these words Tolkien replied to Rayner Unwin's comments upon first reading Book 1 of Lord of the Rings. Rayner had not commented on the comedy of Book 1 but on the overpowering effect of "the struggle between darkness and light", as he put it, and that omission disappointed Tolkien. If this was the response of Tolkien's famous first reviewer, it is not surprising that academic studies have also tended to ... [read more]

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24th August 2016: About Edward S. Louis

The Monster Specialist Edward S. Louis, author of The Monster Specialis has launched a website presenting this and his other books,as well as two entertaining blogs.

The website is

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24th August 2016: Call for Papers, Music and Middle-earth

In 2010, Walking Tree Publishers published a volume, Music in Middle-earth in conjunction with Edition Stein und Baum (Musik in Mittlerde).

A follow-up volume with the same topic and the title Music and Middle-earth / Musik und Mittlerde will be published by the above mentioned publishing houses in English and German in 2018.

A call for papers for this book has been published and can be read here.

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24th August 2016: Call for Papers, Tolkien Conference 2017

A call for papers has been published for the 2017 Tolkien Conference. This can be downloaded here.

The conference will be held in Augsburg University (Germany) from 27 to 29th October 2017

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17th July 2016: Pre-publication offprints (update)

Earlier this year, we made available three chapters of our forthcoming volume Humour in and around the Works of JRR Tolkien. These papers have since undergone some updates and corrections, and two further further papers made available.

The documents presently available are:

NEW Chapter 2
A Fountain of Mirth: Laughter in Arda
Alastair Whyte
[-> download]

NEW Chapter 3
Mirthís Might: The Tenacity of Humour in the Works of J.R.R. Tolkien
Jennifer Raimundo
[-> download]

Chapter 4
Plain Ignorance in the Vulgar Form: Tolkien's Onomastic Humour in Farmer Giles of Ham
Łukasz Neubauer
[-> download]

Chapter 5
"This of course is the way to talk to dragons": Etiquette-Based Humor in The Hobbit
Laura Lee Smith
[-> download]

Chapter 6
Strategies of Humour in The Stupid Ring Parody
Sherrylyn Branchaw
[-> download]

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26th April 2016: Tolkien Conference Jena

Just a reminder that the Tolkien Seminar is taking place in Jena, Germany from 6th to 8th May 2016. For more information, please consult this page on the Deutsche Tolkiengesellschaft website.

Tolkienís Philosophy of Language

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