Tolkien and Philosophy

Roberto Arduini & Claudio A. Testi (editors)

Cormarë Series No. 32

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Tolkien and Philosophy
"Tolkien and Philosophy" is a theme that has not yet been studied with the "philological" accuracy and the textual knowledge that are required to avoid squeezing the Professor's works inside conceptual frameworks that, rather than exposing their intrinsic value, risk losing both their profound meaning and their inherent beauty. What is the relationship between Tolkien's work and Philosophy? The question, if taken seriously, is by no means trivial. For these reasons we wish this book to become, in both method and content, an essential point of reference for anyone interested in better understanding the significant elements that sometimes link, sometimes divide, the "philologist" Tolkien from proper speculative philosophy.

Some sample pages can be read here (pdf, ca 220 KB).

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Table of contents

Roberto Arduini & Claudio A. Testi

Franco Manni & Tom Shippey
Tolkien between Philosophy and Philology

Verlyn Flieger
Tolkien and the Philosophy of Language

Andrea Monda & Wu Ming 4
Tolkien the Catholic Philosopher?

Christopher Garbowski
Tolkien's Philosophy and Theology of Death

Giampaolo Canzonieri
Tolkien at King Edward's School



Tolkien and Philosophy

The cover illustration, "The Phial of Galadriel", is by Anke Eißmann.

(link to Anke Eißmann's website)


Book reviews in Hither Shore (19th May 2015)
Announcing Tolkien and Philosophy (16th July 2014)

159 pages, Walking Tree Publishers 2014, Cormarë Series No. 32, Editors: Roberto Arduini & Claudio A. Testi , ISBN: 978-3-905703-32-0.

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