Sir Severus Le Brewse is back!

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18th September 2014: Sir Severus Le Brewse is back!

The Monster Specialist E dward S. Louis' new book, The Monster Specialist is finally available. The book's Part 1, "Sir Severus le Brewse" was first published in 2005 by another publisher and is now republished by us in a single volume jointly with the previously unpublished parts 2 and 3, "Severus and the Two Kings" and "Lilava in Search of Severus".

The Monster Specialist tells the adventures of Sir Severus le Brewse and his lovely lady, Lilava, as they quest against monsters of all descriptions. In contrast to other knights, Severus is not keen to slay his monster opponents, but will seek out a more amicable solution wherever possible. But he is gradually drawn into a confrontation with his nemesis, King Abra, and through him into the darker events of the wider world and the conflict between Arthur and Mordred.

In the picture on the left below, the new book is shown alongside the original Sir Severus Le Brewse. On the right, the book is opened to show one of ten black and white illustrations by Anke Eissmann (click on pictures to enlarge).

The Monster Specialist and Sir Severus le Brewse The Monster Specialist Severus finds a sword

A free download of the first two chapters is available here.

More information, including some high-profile reviews, can be found here.

Some booksellers offering The Monster Specialist are listed here.

The Monster Specialist by Edward S. Louis, 310 pages, Walking Tree Publishers, Zurich and Jena 2014, ISBN 978-3-905703-23-8.

Recommended price UK: £15.00, USA: $24.30, Europe: €16.85, Switzerland: CHF20.00.

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