Beowulf at Oxonmoot

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2nd September 2010: Beowulf at Oxonmoot

We have learnt that Anke Eissmann, illustrator and creator of our Beowulf and the Dragon book, will be attending Oxonmoot (24-26 September) and holding a signing session for the book there. She will also display some of her original artwork from the creation of this book.

Beowulf and the DragonBeowulf and the Dragon is a high-quality art book featuring the original Old English (Anglo Saxon) text of the 'dragon episode' from Beowulf in a beatiful and authentic font, with the Modern English translation (by John Porter) set alongside. The book is illustrated by Anke Eissmann, and has a foreword by Tom Shippey. The book is printed to a high quality and bound in hardback with only 500 copies being produced. Dimensions approx. 30 by 23 cm (12 by 9 inches), 84 pages.

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