A Tolkienist Christmas present

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9th December 2010: A Tolkienist Christmas present

Are you still looking for that ideal Christmas present for a Tolkienist, or somebody interested in Old English, or a collector?

Beowulf and the Dragon

Walking Tree Publisher's art book, Beowulf and the Dragon may be the answer. This is an opporunity to come closer to the text that Tolkien studied and from which he drew inspiration, set in an authentic Old English font and with the Modern English translation alongside.

The illustrated book, printed in high quality, is now available from the Tolkien Shop as well as from ADC Books or from us directly.

More information on Beowulf and the Dragon.

This book is available from the following sources:

(to link to this announcement: http://www.walking-tree.org/news_archive.php?item=42 )

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