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Do you wish for a greater understanding of Tolkien's place in literature, his sources, his motivations, his beliefs; those who inspired him and those he inspired, the languages and the world he created and the reactions he provoked?

The Walking Tree Publishers collect and publish essays, papers and monographs from a broad range of different authors covering an equally diverse palette of topics, ranging from linguistics to theology.

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8th October 2017: Book presentations in Augsburg

JRR Tolkien Romanticist and Poet binding them all interdisciplinary perspectives on JRR Tolkien and his work 2017 augsburg Tolkien conference

Out two recent publications will be presented at the upcoming Tolkien Conference in Augsburg.

J.R.R. Tolkien, Romanticist and Poet

Binding them all: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on JRR Tolkien and His Works

Augsburg Conference (27th to 29 October 2017)

As usual, we will also be present with our sales table offering you an opportunity to catch up on our earlier books. If you are seeking any particular publication, please let us know beforehand to avoid disappointment.

Cormare Series on WTP book stand

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8th October 2017: Binding Them All is published

We are pleased to announce our latest publication Binding them all: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on JRR Tolkien and His Works, edited by Monika Kirner-Ludwig, Stephan Köser and Sebastian Streitberger.

This volume "binds" a collection of selected papers that emerged from the J.R.R. Tolkien-lecture-series initiated at the University of Augsburg in 2014. Each of the papers is representative of the editors' interest in the interdisciplinary potentials of Tolkien's works and the joint venture to make his legacy visible and accessible from the viewpoint of numerous academic disciplines. Our contributors are experts as well as junior scholars from the fields of Literature and Linguistics, Geography, History, as well as Communications and Cultural Studies.

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30th September 2017: JRR Tolkien - Romanticist and Poet is published

Our new monograph, JRR Tolkien - Romanticist and Poet by Julian Eilmann is now available.

Sleeps a song in things abounding
that keep dreaming to be heard:
Earth"s tune will start resounding
if you find the magic word.

Joseph v. Eichendorff's (1788–1857) famous poem "Wünschelrute" expresses what lies at the heart of the romantic weltanschauung: a transcendent secret surrounds us and can be roused by romantic individuals with the help of poetry and art. As a consequence of this romantic perspective the world regains its fundamental magical quality. Although dating back to the first half of the 19th century, the romantic weltanschauung underlies the life and work of many representatives of later periods, J.R.R. Tolkien (1892-1973) amongst them. [read more]

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What Exactly Does Tolkien Argue for in "Beowulf:
The Monsters and the Critics?" An Attempt at a Metacriticism

Andrzej Wicher

O What a Tangled Web Tolkien and Medieval Literature A View from Poland The present paper tries, first of all, to define the scope of J. R. R. Tolkien's achievement in his famous essay "Beowulf: The Monsters and the Critics", and also to consider the possibility of regarding this essay ... (read more)

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